Thursday, March 17, 2016

Essential Oil Blends For Soap, Lotion, Candles etc.

I have always loved candle making! It's fun and not too expensive, plus the customizing is endless from scents to containers and color. I also love essential oils and wanted to mix things up by blending essential oils to make unique smelling candles and lotions and anything really.
I searched the Internet and most sites say just experiment and find something you like but I wanted some recipes, so I had to experiment on my own to figure it out, so why not share my new information!
Obviously everyone's preference with smells is different but I find even people sensitive to smells like all citrus essential oils and mint also!

So here are my tested blends:

- 2 drops of lemon for every 1 drop of spearmint.
- Equal parts: lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit.
- Equal parts orange and wintergreen
- Equal parts lavender, geranium and jasmine
- Equal parts lavender, orange, and spearmint
- 3 drops orange to every one drop Clove or cinnamon (orange spice)

Will update as I find new blends.

Amounts of oils are based on what your making, size wise so for my 4oz candle I probably put about 10 to 15 drops of oil for a strong scent to give you an idea. For normal bar of soap like 6 drops, and 4 oz lotion 10 to 15 drops. Adjust to your preference.

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