Monday, February 29, 2016

Making simple earrings DIY pictures and links to buy materials

 So I wanted to make some earrings, I've always been scared to try jewelry making, but I found a set of jewelry pendants for super cheap on Amazon($6 for 100 assorted pieces)Buy here I couldn't help myself.
 The open eye pins were 50 for $3 Buy here, earring pieces were 50 for $1-$2 Buy here, and the colored glass beads were 50 for $2.50, price has gone up to $5, you could use whatever beads you like or have but you can Buy here. All from Amazon. I'm addicted I know.
To start open the earring piece and loop the pin on it and close it back up, I just use scissors, pillars would work, there not very hard to open.
 Next string a bead on the pin.

 Next string the pendent.
 Then bend the remaining pin upwards and into the bead hole through the top and start to push it through the bead.
 The once the rest of the pin is hanging just bend it up and wrap it between the bead and pendent!

Easy DIY Soap Making With Kids (pictures and link to buy materials)

I'm always looking for crafty stuff to do with my daughter, I got some shaped soaps once for a gift and she was obsessed! This gave me the idea to make our own especially since I'm a huge fan of all natural ingredients.

I got the essentials: square molds($4.25 Here), fun molds($5-$6 Here), dye($5 pack of 3 Here), melt and pour soap base (so much easier the making it from scratch with kids) and essential oils. I think I got 2lbs of soap base for $9 it was organic Here. If your not familiar with essential oils I suggest buying something you know you like as they can be expensive but with soap, I suggest peppermint, lavender, orange, or lemon. Tip: orange essential oil is the cheapest out there.
I bought everything on Amazon.
The soap making itself is super easy I used the double boiler method for this all you need is 2 pots, 1 larger than the other, and a knife. You can also microwave it in short burst but I didn't have a glass container.

Use the large pot to boil water and get the soap ready. I cut mine into 1 inch pieces, the size doesn't matter they just melt faster the smaller they are. The soap I got was super easy to cut I gave my 4 year old a butter knife and watched her chop away! Then your petty much ready.

I lined my kitchen table with paper and opened the scents and dyes because the soap hardens fast. Then you just throw some soap in the small pot and place it in the water. I moved the pot back and fourth instead of stirring because I realized stirring creates bubbles in the soap with will lead to a weird bubbly side. Once there are no chunks left take it to the table and quickly add scents and dye, I added it directly to my pot. Once your happy with the color and smell just pour away. If your soap hardens too fast you could probably just remelt.

 My daughter loved picking out "smells" and colors for everyone we made soap for, including herself.

I waited about 15 minutes till the soap didn't shake like jello when I tried to move it and popped it in the freezer for about 15 more minutes. They were ready to use!!
The soap popped right out I was so impressed! The soap cleans right off the pan just fill it with water and rub the soap off, the molds didn't need any cleaning.

You could add flowers I added lavender to a bar of purple soap it creates an exfoliating effect.
Got kid themed molds after too :) $10 for a set of 4 molds (animal, robots, butterflies etc.) Buy here
Instead of adding the dye to the soap base I put a couple drops in the molds and pour the base and let make a tye dye effect on a few.

I officially love this as a rainy day activity or just to make them as gift super easy and quick clean up!!

Essential oil box

I have been getting into essential oils and recently bought 10+ bottles (oops). I have a 4 year old and those little bottles are expensive so saw some shelves on Pinterest but they are basically spice racks. It really important to keep them out of then sun so I came up with something that works for me. A very free box to easily find them all (until I buy more). Any box would really do, but short and wide is good. To organize the bottles so they don't bang around I cut squares from another small box I had.
 Squares to separate bottles they happen to fit 2 1oz bottles perfect, you could use small containers or whatever you have around