Monday, February 29, 2016

Making simple earrings DIY pictures and links to buy materials

 So I wanted to make some earrings, I've always been scared to try jewelry making, but I found a set of jewelry pendants for super cheap on Amazon($6 for 100 assorted pieces)Buy here I couldn't help myself.
 The open eye pins were 50 for $3 Buy here, earring pieces were 50 for $1-$2 Buy here, and the colored glass beads were 50 for $2.50, price has gone up to $5, you could use whatever beads you like or have but you can Buy here. All from Amazon. I'm addicted I know.
To start open the earring piece and loop the pin on it and close it back up, I just use scissors, pillars would work, there not very hard to open.
 Next string a bead on the pin.

 Next string the pendent.
 Then bend the remaining pin upwards and into the bead hole through the top and start to push it through the bead.
 The once the rest of the pin is hanging just bend it up and wrap it between the bead and pendent!

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